upgrading system to iCabbi

Upgrading our systems – now using iCabbi

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We have now switched to the iCabbi system which we anticipate to result in better service long-term and more efficiency. We’re always striving to become better at Richmond Taxis and with that in mind, we recently decided to change the internal systems we use.

iCabbi are a global business providing reliable and innovative cloud based dispatch systems.

The new system will allow Richmond Taxis to improve our booking system both through the app and through the website.

The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) feature will also allow us to be more efficient with customer queries.

There have been a few issues that happened during the switch-over from the previous system and we apologise for this.

These have lessened over time as the staff have got used to the new system and we’re hopeful that these issues have been resolved once and for all.




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