Happy New Year 2020 from Richmond Taxis

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We wanted to take the opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year (and decade!).

Thank you again for using your local taxi company and we’re proud to be continuing to be serving the local South Tyneside community as we enter our 51st year of operations.

We had an extraordinarily busy night on New Years Eve and wanted to thank the thousands of customers who used us on that night.

More than half our fleet of 400 cars were out on the night and we also wanted to say a big Thank You to our drivers for working through the night to meet the demand.

🚖Richmond Taxis – KEEPING YOU SAFE🥂

As part of our commitment to safety, we always strive to inform and educate the average person on the best safety precautions to take when using a taxi.

Just remember to ALWAYS book your vehicle with a reputable company.

NEVER get into an UNMARKED car as the chances are that it may not be a taxi and could end up costing you more that just the fare!

If you see anyone plying for trade in an unmarked car please report this to the police on 101 but DO NOT get in.

Any vehicle working for an office should be displaying stickers on their vehicle showing who they drive for. When using a booking app such as ours you should be sent the details of the vehicle before they arrive feel free to SHARE these details with friends and family letting them know you are safe and well.

If you do happen to flag a taxi down make sure the plate normally located on the back of the vehicle matches the area you are being picked up in.

It is ILLEGAL for a hackney driver to pick up in another area other than where they are registered. Please remember if in doubt always book with a company you TRUST and make sure you all have a SAFE but fantastic HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Wishing you all the best from the team at Richmond Taxis!

Prebook your ride📲icab.bi/richmondtaxis

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